Privacy Policy

To serve you the best way possible

We keep in track of the page you have visited , the area or location from where you visit our website, the pages you have read and the time you spent on our website.This is done only for keeping a database on the number of visitors on our website,to understand the posts most read by the visitors and to track the location from where we get maximum visitors. And by keeping a database we will be able to understand the need of the visitors and serve them the best way possible and to increase the number of visitors on our site. And throughout this website we maintain simple and easy to use methods and language so that it will be easy for even students to understand our website across India .


We agree with google and ad agency as the third party for publishing their advertisements in our website . where the third party and we will be using cookie to serve you better by knowing your previous visits to our website or any other website.


We don't share any of your personal data registered in our website to any third party and will be kept confidential.


Our privacy policies are regularly updated from time to time.