Top 10 Universities in Germany: Faculties, Subjects, Global Rankings

Last Updated: 03-Aug, 2020

Which are the Top 10 Universities in Germany for Masters and Graduation? This is the first question in the mind of Students thinking of Education in Germany. In this post I have specified complete details of the Best Universities in Germany, Courses offered and a lot more. Before that, are you looking for MBA In Germany? If Yes, Read our previous article about the Best MBA Colleges in Germany.

Germany – The Largest Economy in Europe. The Scope of Education is also growing in Germany with 409 Higher Education Institutes and 14500 Bachelor courses offered for Local and Foreign Students in Germany. Before I give you details of the Top Universities in Germany, Let me answer the most asked question, Why Study in Germany?

Why Study in Germany? Top 5 Reasons

The education infrastructure in Germany is well developed and quality maintained. Students from all over the world Prefer to study in Germany. Let’s see some of the reason to Study in Germany

1.      Globally Recognised Study Programmes: The academic structure and the quality of education in Germany is recognised all over the world. Germany offers the most prestigious Masters Degree courses in Europe.

2.      Affordable Cost of Living: In Recent years, the trend of Higher education for foreign students started shifting from the UK to Germany. And the main reason is the Cost of living is less when compared to other European countries.

3.      Learn the German Language: Yes, this is also one of the reasons for students preferring to Study Masters in Germany. All the students willing to study abroad will be good in the English Language, so they prefer to learn a New language - German which will be hugely beneficial for their Career. It Doesn’t mean German’s Don’t Speak English. Majority of the German People speak English but they prefer to speak in Germany pretty much all the time.

4.      Work Opportunity for International Students: With the Cost of living around € 700 - € 1000, students from foreign countries prefer to work part-time to earn some extra money for their expenditure. German allows International students to work upto 20 hours per week.

5.      No Tuition Fee for Students: 11 out of 16 States in Germany don’t charge Tuition fee form Either Local or Foreign Students. Offering World-class education without Tuition fee, who will say No for this excellent benefit?

Top 10 Universities in Germany

1.      LMU Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München):

This is one of the oldest and the top-ranked University in Germany situated in Munich which was founded in the year 1472. LMU Munich offers faculties in 18 subjects explained below

Faculties in LUM Munich

a)      Catholic Theology
b)      Protestant Theology
c)      Business Administration - Munich School of Management
d)      Economics
e)      Medicine
f)       Veterinary Medicine
g)      History and the Arts
h)      Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and the Study of Religion
i)       Psychology and Educational Sciences
j)       Study of Culture
k)      Languages and Literature
l)       Social Sciences
m)     Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics
n)      Physics
o)      Chemistry and Pharmacy
p)      Biology
q)      Geosciences

2.      TUM (Technical University of Munich)

This university was founded in the year 1868 offering 15 academic departments
. It is rated as one of the best German university in various rankings.

The Various Departments in TUM are:

a) Aerospace and Geodesy
b) Architecture
c) Chemistry
d) Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering
e) Electrical and Computer Engineering
f) Informatics
g) Mathematics
h) Mechanical Engineering
i) Physics
j) Sport and Health Sciences
k) TUM School of Education
l) TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan
m) TUM School of Governance
n) TUM School of Management
o) TUM School of Medicine

3.      Heidelberg University.

Founded in the year 1386, It is one of the Oldest Surviving University in the World. Heidelberg University stands among the best Universities in Germany with a worldwide network of research and teaching collaborations and maintains exchange programmes with approximately 450 universities worldwide

The Faculties in Heidelberg University are:

a)      Biosciences
b)      Chemistry and Earth Sciences
c)      Mathematics and Computer Science
d)      Physics and Astronomy
e)      Philosophy
f)       Modern Language
g)      Theology
h)      Law
i)        Behavioural and Cultural Science
j)        Economics and Social Science
k)      Medicine

4.      Humboldt-University of Berlin

Founded by Wilhelm von Humboldt in the year 1810 with a vision of the establishment of a University in Berlin.
Humboldt-University of Berlin is now ranked among the Top Universities in Germany for its quality of education, Various courses and many other reasons. It offers various Mono-bachelor’s degrees, Combined bachelor’s degrees (with/without teacher training) and All master’s degrees.

5.      Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

With over 300 years of serving with an excellent education, Charité is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. It has also affiliated with Humboldt University and Free University Berlin. With the innovation and excellent curriculum, it is the best University in Germany for medical education.

The various subjects offered are

a)      Medicine
b)      Dentistry
c)      Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science
d)      Bachelors Degree in Nursing Care
e)      Masters in Applied Epidemiology
f)       Masters in Epidemiology
g)      Masters in Health Professions Education
h)      Masters in International Health
i)        Masters in Medical Neurosciences
j)        Masters in Molecular Medicine
k)      Master’s in Public Health

6.      University of Freiburg:

Located at Freiburg, it was founded in the year 1457. It is known for its quality and excellence in education and is ranked 86th in the Global university ranking. With Faculties in almost every section, it stands 6th in our top 10 Universities in Germany Ranking.

The various faculties offered Of The University of Freiburg is,

a)      Theology
b)      Law
c)      Economics and Behavioural Sciences
d)      Medicine
e)      Philology
f)       Humanities
g)      Mathematics and Physics
h)      Chemistry and Pharmacy
i)        Biology
j)        Environment and Natural Resources
k)      Engineer

7.      The University of Tübingen:

Officially the Eberhard Karl’s University of Tübingen is a public research university located in the city of Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
It is one of the Best University in Germany with unique faculty offerings.
Various Faculties are

a)  Protestant Theology
b)  Catholic Theology

c)  Law
d)  Medicine  

e)  Humanities
f)  Economics and Social Sciences
g) Science
h) Centre for Islamic Theology
8.      RWTH Aachen University:

The 8th position of our Top University in Germany is for the RWTH Aachen University which was founded in the year 1870. With over 45000 Students, RWTH is ranked 94th in the Global University ranking and 8th in our Top 10 Universities in Germany.

The faculties in RWTH University are;

a)    Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences
b)    Architecture
c)    Civil Engineering
d)    Mechanical Engineering
e)    Georesourses and Materials Engineering
f)     Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
g)    Arts and Humanities
h)    Business and Economics
)      Medicine

9.      University of Bonn:

It is one of the Top Public The University of Germany with Students from all over the world. It is also one of 11 Universities of Excellence in Germany and also ranked among the top universities in the world (rank 100, Times Higher Education Ranking 2018).

10.  Freie University Berlin:

It Was founded in the year 1948 and within a short period, it has been listed among the best Universities in Germany. About 17 per cent of its students are from Foreign Countries. It Offers 16 academic departments and central institutes offering over 150-degree programs across a wide range of subjects.

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Creator Words:
These are the Top Universities in Germany based on Global Rankings. With a wide variety of courses and Faculties, German Universities offer the best Education with a lot of career prospectus. Germany also offers a lot of Benefits for Foreign Students like no tuition Fee, Working permit during education and also job search benefits. Hope this post helped students in search of Best University in Germany. All the Best, you will have an exceptional future..!!!